Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Picking a Paint Color for Your Front Door

It's officially been two years since we bought our home! 
{Where did the time go?!}

Among the many projects I knew I wanted to tackle after moving in was painting my front door!
I LOVE statement doors! I have many pins dedicated to choosing the right paint color and how to paint your front door. I'm the kind of person who has to gather waaayy too much information before deciding what to do. Kind of seems like a time waster but in the end it's really beneficial because I learn great techniques and new tricks as well as making a solid decision that I hopefully love for a long time. See how cute all these ideas are??

We seem to be having a slew of random house projects popping up- not the fun kind either. I don't like that kind of stress so I resort to my therapeutic PAINTING in those stressful times. I must have been waaay stressed because I not only painted the door but my whole entryway too! It finally got a fresh crisp white coat- no more old yellowish off white. I'll show that off later!

As for the door, I quit being wishy washy and just went for it. I already had this paint color on hand from one of the amazing Ace Hardware free paint days for Clark + Kensington flat paint. I'm a huge fan. Clark + Kensington knows how to make paint with great coverage and less dripage. So this project was FREE! LOVE THAT!

Anywho, what do you think?? I'm loving the color contrast between the scrolly white screen door and the turquoise behind it! The panels to the side also have the same white scrolly metal "screen" so I'm debating on painting the inside of the side panels to match the door. But maybe that would be too much turquoise?? 

I also need a cute Welcome mat to match! Any suggestions on finding a budget friendly but adorable mat? 
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Discovery of Life

Hey, I just wanted to share a great quote I found in my new gym and a cute free printable I found on pinterest. Yup.... I headed back to the gym. It's been a good long time. Hopefully this time around I'll make it more of a lasting habit helping to create balance in my life. Anyway, I love this quote they have hanging on the wall. 

Because really, working out, getting outdoors... it's not about just filling a time gap or having something to do, it' s about living and living well! Being Refreshed! Love it! 

Of course, it wasn't all pretty like this! I wanted to print a fancy one for my home. The cute frame was a free download from FreePrettyThingsForYou. It comes in a few different colors as well. So glad people are willing to share their talents! Thanks a ton FreePrettyThingsForYou

Love free printables? So do I! Follow my Printables Board on Pinterest!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A little update

**This post may contain affiliate links. Such links may provide a small commission. Thank you in advance for any clicks or purchases from my affiliate links. I try to provide you with only the best of links with products I love and think you will too.

UPDATE: I can hardly believe it. Whoever swiped my old domain www.TheMLBB.com is done with it. I happened to check into it today thinking it was still some spammy looking site and it was available again! So now you can access my site through TWO domain names.


Wahoo. Now to get all my site stats back!

I am working my way back into regularly posting on the blog again. I've missed it. However, I've made a few adjustments this time around. Please take note to avoid any confusion. P.S.You Rock! 

1: The domain name changed to www.FrugalToBeFree.com
This is the BIGGEST change you'll see. While the domain has changed, I have left the site name the same as before, My Lil' Budget Blog. The change happened because a little time lapse error on my part while taking care of my husband back when his appendix burst, remember that? OUCH... He's always more important than a website or blog.

2: At the top of any future post you should see a tiny note as follows(or just look above this post):

**This post may contain affiliate links. Such links may provide a small commission. Thank you in advance for any clicks or purchases from my affiliate links. I try to provide you with only the best of links with products I love and think you will too.

This is to stay in compliance with blogger code more than anything. I really really don't make much of anything...if anything as of right now since I've been a bit MIA. But I do hope to increase my blog earnings over time. However, I will do my best to keep the posts on topic and not spammy. No one likes spam but everyone loves a great resource for awesome products! This new header announcement also applies to all past posts-even if not presently showing. 

3: Post content and frequency. I will not be able to go back to the days where I posted multiple deals a day. I just don't have time for that. So if that bums you out, sorry. I'll still share deals quite often but not full grocery lists weekly and not multiple posts a day. I may not even post daily, more than likely it'll be somewhere around 2-5 posts a week. If you notice a time when I'm posting a lot, it's not permanent, just a heads up. 

And as always, I sure love when I get comments on posts. I want to know more about my readers. If you are the non conversational type that's ok too- I'm that way sometimes too. Comments just really help me know if you like what you're seeing and reading. It also helps giveaway sponsors to know you are reading the blog and awaiting their fab giveaways! Just sayin' 

So all in all, nothing too crazy-besides te domain change- happening. Keep reading and keep saving!
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Must Have Money Saving App!

*This post may contain affiliate links. Such links may provide a small commission. Thank you in advance for any clicks or purchases from my affiliate links. I try to provide you with only the best of links with products I love and think you will too.

I really should have shared this app right as soon as I found it! I LOVE it! I've casually used the app for a while now and have found it to be super user friendly. It appeals to my organizing side in a whole new way!

Why do I love ShopKick?? 

#1 Reason: You don't have to buy a single thing to make money from it! 

How does ShopKick work? 

Basically if you have a smartphone, you download the app here, have the GPS setting on and earn points(they call them kicks) when shopping!

 There are four ways to earn Kicks:

1) Walk-in points. (My fav) Just have the shop kick app open on your phone as you enter the stores listed from the app. You will get points(or kicks) anywhere from 25 even up to 200 just for simply walking into a store with your app turn off. 
2) Scan products. While the specified store click on the store icon and then click on products. There will be a specified amount of product Scan products. While I specified store click on the store icon and then click on products. There will be a specific list of products that you find it and scan as you're browsing the store. Kicks vary from 10-75 and sometimes more per product.
3) Click kicks. In the shop kick app click on products and there will be a full list of different product groups. Click on each individual product group scroll to the bottom and find an icon with an envelope. Tap or click on the envelope and it will reward you with kicks anywhere from 1-5 points, usually 1. Not every group will have the envelope icon but most do the icon is almost always at the bottom of the page.

4) Purchase Kicks. OK this one is not technically free but if you're making a purchase anyway you might as well try it out earn some free kicks. If you add your credit or debit card to your shop kick account it will track your purchases at those stores as long as you have your shop kick app open at the stores. Right now you can earn 200 points just for adding your credit or debit card to your shop kick account as well.  Honestly I have not done this yet and have earned plenty of points for kicks to earn free gift cards. The rewards vary. I've earned two target gift cards so far and have not used to purchase kicks feature.

Another feature I really like is that you can find deals in your area really easy by simply clicking the "Deals" icon. Above is a snapshot of just the first two stores with deals! There are lots of "Back To School" deals going on right now. You can save the deals to your profile too so that later you can quickly access them. Sweet! There are some great discounts from 20-50% off too! Check them out!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lemons=Lemonade so broken screen door=picture frame? Obviously! A DIY Pallet Wood Project

So ya know the old saying... "If life gives you Lemons... make lemonade." 

Here is my DIY-er version... "If your house gives you a broken screen door... make a picture frame!"

 It just so happens that is has been quite windy this summer and our back screen door got blown right off (bad) but it somehow left one piece of glass unbroken(good)! Way to stay positive right?

I also seem to be a collector of pallet wood and most of it is still sitting in my back yard... time to start really putting it to good use. 

So with a little imagination, one disassembled pallet, some screws, a couple ceiling fan braces and even a strike plate(to hold the glass in place).... we ended up with THIS!! 

The great part is I didn't even cut a piece of wood to make it. The sizing and placement turned out perfectly for me. 

Feel free to pin and share with a link back to this post. Thanks so much!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Disney on a Dime Tips: Top 3

My hubs and I have been gathering information, tweaking the vacation budget, and weighing out the pro's and con's of my recent post To Disney or To NOT.

Of course I felt like I needed a refresher on all the "Disney on a Dime" posts floating around. There are A LOT of them. So I figured I would share a list of links with great Disneyland info and MY FAVORITE TIPS. I actually found a couple new to me tips!

Just check out my Disney Pinterest Board for all the great links on Saving in Disney.

Here are the tips I loved:
(if we head to Disney, I will for sure be doing them)

1: Use your Target Red Card to buy Disney spending cards. Save 5% right away!
Amazing! What's so great about this is that you can use the Disney cards anywhere in the park on food or souvenirs and you instantly saved 5%! I also think it would be a great idea to give each child a small amount on their own card-then when it's gone- it's GONE. Also- this is a great opportunity to teach your kids about finance. 

**Along with this tip, one blogger suggested keeping those $5 target reward cards you get from time to time and then turning those into your Disney cash cards before your trip. Although you get these free, you won't be getting 5% off the Disney cards so you could use them for snacks to take into the park and then buy the Disney cards separate too. Either way, it is a great idea!

2: Rent DVC points! (Disney Vacation Club) One blogger tells of how she saved $3200 on hotels by doing this!! She paid $800 for 6 nights to stay on Boardwalk(normally $4000)! I'll let ya know first, it will cost MORE than just an offsite hotel but if you want the experience of staying IN Disney and can't hack a several thousand dollar bill just on a room, this is a great option. Read her post HERE. There is a lot to consider with this option and I'm still researching it out. If you are going to Disneyland, there is only the option of staying at  The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. We figured for 5 nights in November it would cost about $1450 to sleep our family of 6.
Or you could go the Get Away Today route, we have used them before and they were fantastic- they take care of the tickets and all. I've also heard for larger groups that renting a condo from Vacation Rentals By Owner(VRBO) is an awesome deal- like a home away from home!

3: Pack your own food and drinks into the Park
Ok, this one is a no brainer and pretty common but you can pack snacks and a small cooler into the park. You can put it in your stroller or pay about $12 a day for a locker and head to the park area for lunch and dinners. BUT the idea I LOVED from one blogger was to pack refillable water bottles- for water yes- but also pack those individual drink mixes with you as well. They are compact and when you are thirsty for something other than water, you can quickly make a gatorade, lemonade, or punch drink instead of spending the $4-6 for a drink in the park. I read you can ask for a cold drink of water at any food service for free too. And keep your eye out for the drinking fountains throughout the park.

BONUS TIP: Buy lanyards and pins on Ebay before your trip. 
You can get them MUCH CHEAPER this way and the kids can trade with the characters and workers in Disney. I haven't done this one yet but I think the kids would love it and it would make for a great souvenir. Here is also a blog post about pin trading which is the source for the image above.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and will search my Disney Pins for more! 
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Friday, July 24, 2015

To Disney or To NOT... feeling torn

Sooo... ya know 46 MONTHS later... and now seeing savings adding up.... My husband and I are feeling torn on whether we should actually spend a small fortune on a family Disney trip. 

Don't get me wrong. WE LOVE DISNEY. We love the rides, the yummy treats, seeing the characters, seeing our kids(and our own) excitement and the escape from reality. Disney really brings it all. We just DON'T love the price tag. 

I think that through those 46 months of pinching our pennies, something happened to us. WE CHANGED. We really do budget differently and we value what we have to work with SO much more now. We still have lots to learn but the feeling of dropping $2000-$3000 on a trip to Disney just isn't settling well with us. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Disney with many of the posts on how to do it on the cheap... but even on the cheap, you'll still be forking over a fair amount of moola. Aaanndd.let'sbehonest. If you are going to Disney you don't want to worry about finances while you are there. They've made it so magical and inviting and EXPENSIVE... that experiencing Disney the right way -in my opinion- is not having to worry about the $$ spent on yummy park treats and a couple souvenirs as well as not having to tote around a cooler for your meals... have I made my point yet? Of course, if you are willing to pinch your pennies for Disney, you may be able to go more than once too... could be worth it.

In short, Disney = spending a small fortune 
(or stressing over every expense while you are there)

There are sooo many other WAY less expensive options that could be just as memorable and enjoyable. The real kicker is that my husband works for an airline company and gets great flying benefits. My kids LOVE Hawaii... which would cost a third the amount of a Disney trip. We've never been to Legoland and my kids have asked many times to go there.Way less than Disney. We could even buy passports for our kids and go somewhere foreign. Less than Disney. We could almost do all three for the same amount as ONE Disney trip. 

In short again, Not going to Disney = New adventure elsewhere, more adventures elsewhere, AND more than likely saving money.

When ya lay it out like that, it's hard to choose Disney. Not that we won't ever go back but maybe right now is not the time for it? After all, we have kids ages 8, 6, 4, and 2. There would be a lot of missed rides and kids who may not remember it anyway and I'd most likely end up pushing the stroller around for hours with sleeping kids. Maybe it's all about timing here. Maybe when they are all old enough to ride it all! This year got a lot busier for my husband too. He's almost finished with his dreadful but fulfilling CPA exams(Hoping this time around we-yes we- are finished with the CPA exams chapter of life). He's a lot busier at work too which had influenced our travel dates anyway. We haven't decided to ditch Disney (for a couple more years) just yet. There are some other family factors I haven't mentioned but will you hate it if our Epic Mickey gets dusty.... really dusty? 

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Hutch #1 is DONE! A Chalk Paint makeover

Remember when I showed you my honey oak EVERYTHING?? Well, not much has changed yet... Except for one China hutch. It has a totally new look! 1980 something look was replaced with a clean light cool toned color scheme making a hug difference. I hear angels singing when I look at it! 

Here are some close ups!

All filled in and lit up. I love it!!

Now onto the next project!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY TIP: Perfectly clean caulking line + how to fill in gaps

Hi all! Long time no see... Uh...rrr... I mean type? Blog? Well, however you say it, I have been starring at this HUGE gap between the crown molding and ceiling in  our dining room for way too long! It's not nearly as noticeable in the picture though.

It bugged me from day one of being in our new home but alas it was NOT near the top of our to do list. Well, today, after a very eventful morning, I found myself sitting in the afternoon once again starring down the GAP! Dark ugly space where bugs can hide... Or even a mouse??!! Ok probably not but my dear husband spotted, caught, and discarded our first mouse ever today so I have creepy crawly things on the mind. Yuck!!! Probably why I HAD to fix the gap PRONTO! 

(P.S. If you have a mouse issue- buy the sticky trays! Totally worth it!)

So it's pretty easy to get a straight caulking line if you didn't know! Took me some learning at first but I've got it down now.

Here are my quick steps:
(as shown in the pictures)

Step 1: tape off the trim AND the ceiling(or wall if that's what you are working with) Make sure to lay the tape straight(no wrinkles in it) 

Step 2: Use PAINTABLE caulking. Cut the small tip off at an angle. There are usually 3 little cutting lines on the top, big to small, you want the smallest. Trust me. Do a little length of caulking then smooth it out with your finger-yes they are they best tool for this. You'll quickly noticed just how much extra is on your fingers, add that to the uncaulked area...no wasting here.

Step 3: Pull off the tape BEFORE caulking is dry. This ensures a nice smooth line! Then stare at that gorgeously straight caulking line and NO more gap! 

**if your gap is as big a mine was, you'll need to do a second(maybe even third) line of caulking after the first. 

Now Go! Fill those gaps!!!
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Southern Utah Public Bake Sale

OK, more like a baking supply sale! A neighbor of mine let us all know it's coming up and I'm betting it will be worth while to stop by! 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tai Pan Trading Easter Coupons! 50% off

Head on over HERE for the coupons! Yay!! 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Epic Mickey Month 43!!! Don't miss this one!!!

Doesn't Mickey Look So Happy?!

Oh my goodness! oh my goodness! 

It has finally come! 

No April fools joke this year! We made our very last payment ever to student loans! Yes!!! YES!!!

I'm still wondering if it's actually REAL. We've been so connected to the stupid student loans it feels like we just lost a limb, LOL!  But maybe more like we just lost 100 lbs! The weight is lifted. 
Or squares.... we literally filled in 100 squares yesterday! Wahoo!

I may have cried as soon as I realized we could do it! I called my husband at work to scream about it. We thought it would be about two more months out. But we did it Sunday!!! **gasp**
Huge sigh of relief!! Next months budget will be weird- no student loan payments!!

We paid off roughly about $56,000 in 3 1/2 years. (Not all, but most, was student loans) 
Just 6 months past our original goal! Plus we brought our 4th baby into the world, bought a home, and paid lots in medical expenses all while paying down debt!!! We were lucky enough to have my husband receive a promotion at work too. Helped lots. I can honestly say I feel like we did awesome and that we are so glad to be done. Being that awesome is hard work!!  ;)

You might notice some empty squares on Mickey. Even though we paid off our student loans, we decided on two things:

1) We now need to SAVE for the trip...we'll use the smile for that portion.   2) Most importantly, we decided that we're going to keep it a secret from our children until the day comes to celebrate...we'll leave a portion to color in when we arrive at our hotel. 

(They have no clue we are done paying off student loans and actually planning our trip!!!)  

I don't know how many have really REALLY been following along with our Epic Mickey but I am so glad I have blogged about it and tracked the month to month progress! It's been so much more enjoyable. I plan to create a flipagram of the months to share too!! I will continue to blog about life after death... I mean debt. ;) oh that could be next blog title! Done! "Life after Debt" posts to come...although we still have the mortgage to pay off. Life after student debt just doesn't have the same ring to it...lol. 

Anyway, keep it a secret at least around my kids ;) Yay!!!! 

And a huge thanks to all who have been following along and encouraging us through our Epic Mickey Journey!

(excluding the mortgage)

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Monday, March 9, 2015

American Girl Sale at zulily - Save up to 30%!

American Girl Sale at zulily - Save up to 30%!
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Attention American Girl fans! zulily.com has American Girl dolls, clothes and accessories on sale today, up to 30% off! American Girl items always go fast at zulily, check out the sale now >> American Girl Sale - Up to 30% Off

American Girl Light Skin, Layered Caramel Hair, Blue Eye 18'' Doll & Outfit Set

American Girl School Stripe Dress - Girls

American Girl Starry Doll Holder

About American Girl - Centered on celebrating girls and all that they can be, American Girl® is all about products that spark the imagination and teach the importance of friends and family. Made to educate, entertain and inspire, this indispensable book collection features fun crafts, brain-building exercises and problem-solving strategies that will stick with a girl every step of the way.

(Side note, the clothing will fit other similar dolls as well.)
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Epic Mickey month 42

Ahhh... Another successful debt reduction month!

Seriously, we are pretty excited to see progress again. It has brought in topics of freedom in finances and of being able to put our money into more exciting pots....like retirement....wait....what?! Not exciting for you? Ya me neither... But for my hubby it gives him a piece  of mind and that's worth it and a few years down the road it'll give me a piece of mind too. 

Now we get to think of saving money for a car, house updates, family vacations, and even a bit of regular SPLURGE money. I have to tell you, Dave's way says to try and include splurge money into your monthly budget all the time but we didn't follow that advice because we just really wanted debt gone and didn't like the guilt of spending on ourselves every month at least until we got past our huge school debt. 

Now, we are excited to put it back into the budget! We have been planning out our big Mickey vacation and it's so exciting to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

Check out past Epic Mickey's HERE.

Back Story:

**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Quality Bedding for Less(WAY LESS!)

**This post has affiliate links

Let's bring the excitement back to your master bedroom ;)

Have you heard that saying that the master bedroom should be the cleanest? 
Well, in my experience, it's always the opposite because really, who has time to clean the rest of the house and then manage to clean the master bedroom too? I just want to plop on the bed.

Well, I want to change that, we have this amazing set of french provincial dressers and a nightstand to match(even two twin beds- they were a whole set dated back to the 1900-1910 era when couples DID NOT sleep in the same bed- my girls are using the beds) and they are in amazing condition so I am choosing not to redo them-for now. They are a pale green with bits of shimmery gold accents so I purchased the bedding above.

Believe it or not, I like sleeping in the same bed as my hubs...  I also like having a clean room to retreat to after a long day, maybe fancy bedding will help!

 I have been waiting and waiting and searching for a nice bed set for a decent budget friendly price... 

I have searched in stores but no luck there because stores in my area just seem to not carry California King sized bedding. I do like to be able to feel the fabrics first but since I don't have that option I went online. 

I tried Wal-mart, Target, West Elm (EXTRA20 for 20% off clearance), Joss and Main, Zulily which had great bedding but not so much for Cali King sized... then I stumbled upon a "new to me" site called Designer Living! Holla! 
It has awesome bedding at a large discount- even for Cali King size!

There happens to be two codes to use...(only one at a time) 
Designer Living Coupons
"EXROAPO" 30% off the already discounted items!
"CL15" 15% off Clearance items 
(Not sure if you can use both)

Here are some other great sets too ranging from $44.99 to $116 depending on size and type.

Your welcome! Here's to a better master bedroom!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

To gel or not gel? Big question!

All of you fellow furniture DIYers know about the chalk paint phenomena(so amazing what that stuff can do) but do you know much about the gel stains yet? 

I've been researching gel stains a lot because:

1)My house is crawling with honey oak everything(the carpet even seems to be honey oak color).

2)We are on a budget and a full remodel is out of the question

3)My very talented sister told me about how gel stains are simple to use. Not much prep with fantastic results.
(and the buzz in furniture redo land is General Finishes gel stains are top notch)
What do ya'll think about their gels?

So for fun, I'm going to show you some of my chalk paint projects that are done and some projects that are patiently their turn for a fresh new look. You may recognize some of them.

Anyone recognize my chevron wall? Wow!! That was a good five days work and I love it! The shelves are made of old wood ski's and are painted with a creamy white chalk paint. That cute little bench was done with a lemony yellow chalk paint. I do love this part of my home!
Just need to get that antique rocking chair refreshed, haven't decided just the right look yet. My cute hanging basket thing needs better placement but until I figure that out, he's happy hanging out of reach from the little ones.
This is my entryway. Mirror Mirror on the wall, you are the prettiest of all my projects! LOVE my mirror that now matches my little yellow bech. The table was once a yucky oak color too... Thank you chalk paint for your help here... And some fabric covered inserts give it extra flair, I can switch 'em out when I want to.
TILE YOU MUST DIE... But not today.
This lovely dining set has so much character yet to be revealed. And OH look at that hutch!!! We were lucky enough to obtain these pieces with the purchase of home... Keep scrolling to drool even more...we have another hutch and two end tables(French provincial!!!) and even an entire bedroom set of French provincial furniture(not pictured) that we got with the home. Yes my heart skipped a beat when I saw the beauties and found out the owners were going to sell them anyway.
This is the big decision maker here, I really want to stain our kitchen floors and cabinets!!! I would LOVE TO SEE and hear tips on the best way to stain the floors. 
From all that I have read, cabinets are pretty easy to stain(yay!) which is good because this is the smaller portion of my kitchen cabinets. That tile needs some tlc too. 
The second China Hutch is my next project... Think a nice cool gray with a pop of color in the back and creamy white distressed hardware!!! Ahhh!
I'm also thinking of doing a shade of gray for the end tables-there are two-with a yellow top?? (And I am soo not referencing that grimey aweful terrible book that somehow is being made into a movie- scum of the earth I tell ya!) 

See that honey oak carpet I mentioned earlier?! Can I stain that?! LOL!!! 

So what do ya'll think? 
Stain at all or Stain it all?!! 

Moment of Honesty:
I LOVE MY HOUSE! My family is sooo beyond blessed to have what we have and I'm happy with many parts that guests may not be(it's all about loving what you got). I am not going to have all these projects done today or tomorrow but a plan will help get them started. Projects are also a HUGE stress reliever for me- gets my creative side going!

**Editors Note: my pictures were quick snap shots from my iPhone... no judging! :)
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Refinance Your Home!

Have you heard? Mortgage rates are REALLY REALLY good! 
Refinance now!

We are refinancing our home. Yup! It sounded scary for some reason but really it's exciting because we will save over $22,000 just by getting a new 30 year loan! We debated a 20 or a 15 but ultimately the rates were not too much better than the 30 year!

Check with your local mortgage lenders now to see if you can save!
(I have a great contact for Southern Utah area if you need one.)
Just email me for more info at MLBB.etsy@hotmail.com
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